We Work From More Than 5 Years To Contribute for the wellfare of the needy people

no poverty

best education

clean water

good health


Our History


Our commitment to innovation, compassion, and unwavering problem-solving propels us forward. The Blessing FoundaThe Blessing Foundation Trust, established in 2018, is a beacon of hope driving transformative change in India. We envision an inclusive nation where every individual thrives in dignity and security. Our holistic model addresses challenges in education, empowerment, health, environment, and animal welfare, aiming to uplift marginalized communities.


women Empowerment

 Through skill-building and economic opportunities, we empower individuals to create sustainable livelihoods, fostering self-reliance and economic independence.

Primary Education

We ensure access to quality education for all, laying the foundation for brighter futures and breaking the cycle of poverty

Animal Care

Through veterinary services and advocacy, we improve the welfare of animals, fostering compassion and responsible stewardship.

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we've funded 12,503 charity projects for 25M people around the world

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