Amit Chauhan (Founder)

Every human being has equal right to be a part of our society; there are still 9.77 lac homeless people in India who are forced to live on Footpath. it is our responsibility to help those who cannot able to grow up in the society. Blessing Foundation helps those people, who really need the help. We work strategically in filtering the people from every area. Blessing foundation is working for the real issues of the society. We give our maximum effort to provide the maximum support to the helpless people. We provide the food, clothes, education and empowerment to the needy people and help them to fulfill their basic needs.

Mr. Amit Chauhan  is a young & dynamic Social Worker, and belongs to a small village near Agra. Whenever he saw the people living on the road side, and imagine how they struggle every day to live their lives.  So, he always stand ahead to help them but he realized that he was unable to help many people solely. He has observed the worst condition of people in his locality and after that, he started his journey to a big part of the country in observing the status of living standard and education. Then he started an NGO (BLESSING FOUNDATION) in July 2018 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. By which he can help the Needy.

About Blessing Foundation

The Blessing Foundation is a non-governmental organization registered in 2018, which works on real issues of underprivileged people. Our team is always fascinating about helping the poverty-stricken people with education, healthcare, food, clothes, shelter and women empowerment programs.

Those people, who don’t even get food for a single time in a day, have no accommodation and having insufficient or no resources to sustain their life. We help these people to come out of the situation.

We educate their children to generate self-respect and give them a place in society that the children get out of the worst situation and become a part of good society. they can make a better future for himself and can get out of his family’s situation. Currently, we are working in the core areas of poverty. Our upcoming goal is to provide the maximum support to the underprivileged and needy  people throughout the country.