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Sector 16, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Ravish Saifi

Blessing foundation is one of the best NGOs, targeting the real issues of the poor and helpless people, by providing the food, clothes and education support. We know that these are the basic need of human. There are a number of people, who are unable to get food, shelter, clothes, and education for them and their family. Food is the basic necessity of life, we cannot live without food. In many surveys of the huge population of India, there are 33% of people, who are unable to get the food properly two times in a day. That is why, most of the cases of malnutrition occur in India.

Small children can be seen begging for the food and money on roads, in markets, and in the local residences. Our government is unable to provide the food, shelter and the basic necessities to these poverty-stricken peoples. So, you people have to come forward and provide the food, shelter, education and the clothes to these people.

I know most of the people do not have time to look down to earth and reach to these people. Blessing foundation is one of the best NGO in Noida, who can target your donation money and support to the right peoples. They have found the number of slum areas and the location of these people. They are doing the regular campaigns in providing the food, education and the shelter for these peoples.

The team at Blessing foundation is passionate about working with these peoples. They love to help these kinds of peoples, which makes this NGO, the best and most genuine NGO in NCR. Now, question is that, how can someone support these kinds of people?

The Blessing foundation has regular campaigns, search and data analysis of various locations in distributing the food, clothes and supporting these people for the education. Recently, on July 15, 2018, their passionate team has a food distribution program for these kinds of people. There is a local slum area near Noida, where they have done this campaign.

You can also help these poor-stricken people, by providing the food, clothes and by supporting them with education with the help of Blessing Foundation. There are different means of donation; you can choose the better option from our website. The website and other contact details are available in the contact details below:

Ravish Saifi, Editor

Website: http://localhost/blessold

Phone No.:892910080189291008012

Email Address: info@localhost

Source: Blessing Foundation

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