Help these Children to Survive

Poverty is a condition, it’s not a crime, Why does someone facing this condition in its initial age? Have you ever wondered, that how do a child having no education, proper nutrition, proper shelter, and clothes can survive in a society?

Think about it!

Still, there are millions of children, who are unable to get the proper food, clothes, and education. These are the basic need of our society to overcome the condition of our country. These children are the future of our country, and they are having zero sources of these basic necessities.

Please, do help these children to grow and become the future of our country. The future of these children is in the hand of us because their parents are not in the condition, that they can fulfill the basic needs of the children. It is our duty to help these people. Please do help them to become the future of the country, educate every child of the country.

Help these Children to Survive

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