The today’s conditions of children, decide that what they will become tomorrow!

Food is one of the basic need of life. It is impossible to sustain life, without the food. After doing surveys and analysis, we found that there are many children who cannot able to get the proper food for them. This is the reason, why our volunteers started donating the food material to these children. Every single day, we distribute the nutritional food to these children, so that, no one children remain hungry or out of nutrition.

Our volunteers are distributing the food in the morning time in slum areas to the children. They first gather these children at a place and then distribute the food. The surveys told us that, most of the cases of malnutrition is in our country. This is the reason, why we have started the daily morning food distribution.


Every child is important to us. These children are the future of our country. We all are responsible for the future of these children because their parents are incapable of doing so! We want you people to help our NGO for these kinds of social work. You can donate food clothes and donate with money. There are many volunteers, who are working in different areas and different locations for the welfare of society with blessing foundation. If someone is interested in working with our team then he/she can join our team of volunteers. You can also work as the member of our organization and helps these people.

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